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20 Offshoot Pét Nat Sauvignon Blanc

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Technical notes

A special parcel of fruit from our Bridge block was selected to make this wine.  This vineyard shows classic Rapaura characters.  Lasting grapefruit and citrus characters dominate the nose.  The palate is fresh and juicy with stonefruit and green apple notes that linger on the back palate.  Well balanced fruit sweetness with the natural acidity is refreshing and can be enjoyed at any occasion. 

Technical notes

Harvest Date March 2020
Alcohol 12.6
Total Acidity 9.4
Residual Sugar 7.05
Bottling Date April 2020

Pétillant Naturel (pet nat) translates to naturally sparkling. To achieve carbonation, we bottle the wine while it is still fermenting and close the bottle with a crown seal. The yeast continues to ferment the sugars, producing carbon dioxide that becomes trapped in solution.

 The wine is cloudy as there is no filtration prior to bottling, kind of like a pale ale beer.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is the dead yeast cells that settle once the fermentation process has completed.  

We used Sauvignon Blanc because it is a variety that is full of character, especially when grown in Marlborough. This Pet-Nat provides a little glimpse at the type of wine our Winemakers are used to tasting in the winery, before wines are prepared for bottling.

20 Offshoot Pét Nat Sauvignon Blanc