Reflecting on Vintage 2020

Vintage 2020 will surely go down in history as one of many contrasts as Covid-19 shut down the entire country.

Harvest had started early this year and was well underway when New Zealand entered lockdown. This put huge pressure on the team, but the task was eased by Hunter’s being in control of all harvest operations. The grapes were picked safely and processed at the winery without much fanfare.

 The condition of the grapes was outstanding thanks to a very dry end to the growing season. Chief Winemaker, James Macdonald, says “The wines look spectacular. Some of the best I have seen, especially the Sauvignon Blanc.”

 A big thank you goes to the dedication and tireless work of the Vintage crew. Some had travelled from far away to be part of the occasion and found themselves in an unsure situation cut off from family and friends. However, none of them ever wavered and continued to work diligently through the season.

 The chapter is now closed on one of the most remarkable vintages at Hunter’s.

Image: uploads/2020_06/Harvest_2020_2_high_res_ccKxlqA.jpeg
Image: uploads/2020_06/Harvest_2020_3.JPEG
Image: uploads/2020_06/Harvest_2020_high_res.jpeg

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