Following the completion of a hectic harvest and with the winery team busy blending the focus of the vineyard crew turns towards maintenance.

Post-harvest is the time to get things organised and prepared for the winter months” says Vineyard Manager, Tim Newton. The machinery is deep cleaned and undergoes its annual service, whilst substantial work goes into the maintenance of the vineyards. Broken wires, strainers and ruts are repaired and any damaged posts are replaced. Hunter’s has recently started to recycle these posts. They might no longer be fit for the use in the vineyard, but still are good material for farm fencing.

Looking after the vines and improving the soil health is an important step after harvest. At Hunter’s this is achieved by planting a cover crop like lupins or oats between the vines. In addition, we use grape marc, a by-product from winemaking, which has been turned into compost and is spread beneath the vines in Spring.

 Pruning is the last step before the vines are put to rest until bud burst in Spring. Through pruning the fruit quality and yields for next season can be managed actively.

Image: uploads/2020_06/Post-harvest.jpg

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