Pinot Gris 2020

A long awaited favourite is back for 2020! 

Hunter’s Wines made history with its frst vintage, winning Silver in its frst wine contest!” – Marlborough Express, March 1983.

Having just realeased our 2020 Pinot Gris after being long out of stock and thought we would share some interesting history:


Not many people would be aware that our frst vineyard was planted at Belfast near Christchurch and one of the varieties of grapes we had was Pinot Gris. The idea was to build a winery and visitor centre at that vineyard being close to Christchurch and hopefully attracting lots of visitors. However, we couldn’t get planning permission to go ahead so plans changed and the winery was built on the Marlborough vineyard instead. In hindsight; the best choice! Pinot Gris from the Canterbury vineyard was frst bottled in 1982 and won a Silver Medal at the NZ Wine Show. But it didn’t prove to be overly popular with wine drinkers at large so the decision was made to pull the vines out and concentrate on Sauvignon Blanc plantings in Marlborough.


Move on to the 2000’s and suddenly there was growing interest in Pinot Gris, and we were being asked by Cellar Door visitors for Pinot Gris which we didn’t have. We quickly pulled out a few rows on the Home Block vineyard in 2005 and planted Pinot Gris with our frst vintage in 2009 receiving a GOLD Medal in the Liquorland Top 100 competition. The demand quickly outstripped supply so in 2010 we top- grafed a further area of vines over to Pinot Gris. (It proved to be a real winner in the Melbourne market as well as here in New Zealand.) On the back of increasing sales, we planted another small area of Pinot Gris on our Bridge Vineyard in 2016. 

Pinot Gris is commonly known as Pinot Grigio in Europe and is a very popular wine in gastropubs, etc. Pinot Gris has quite neutral character but when picked really ripe shows red apple flavours which can be enhanced and added to by fermenting a small portion in oak to add texture to the fnished wine. It is a big wine with low natural acidity and a crisp, dry fnish. 

Pinot Gris

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