Offshoot Chardonnay

Offshoot Chardonnay hits the spot.

We always knew that our Offshoot Chardonnay was a stand-out wine. This has been backed up by the current raft of accolades we have received from Wine Shows, wine writers and customers.

In the past few months Offshoot Chardonnay was a finalist in the Australian WineState magazine Best Chardonnays for 2021. The UK Decanter magazine rated Offshoot Chardonnay as one of the best wines tasted by the judging panel in 2021/22.

The Offshoot range was brought into being to give the winemakers an opportunity to explore different styles and techniques outside of the parameters they have for producing Hunter’s Chardonnay.

It seems that they have certainly got the seal of approval for this change in style. We are looking forward to tasting the next vintage.


Image: uploads/2022_03/Offshoot_Chardonnay_NV_6RYcPX4.jpeg

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