New Labelling Machine 2020

After a few heart stopping moments…

After a few heart stopping moments, a very skilled crane driver working in limited space did a great job of getting this very complex bit of Italian machinery into the exact place that was marked out for it.  The computer system running this machine is extremely sophisticated and involved a few late-night phone calls between the installer technician, our Winemakers, the production team and the manufacturers in Italy before all was up and ready to go.

The machine has the ability to apply labels within one millimetre of tolerance. It has sensors that prevent the labels from being applied across the seam on the bottle which gives a much smoother finish. It can be configured to apply a multitude of label designs and dimensions.

The crew are rapt with this new addition to the bottling line.

Image: uploads/2020_11/Labeller.jpg
Image: uploads/2020_11/Labeller_2.jpg

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