Introduction of Vegan Wines at Hunter's

Hunter’s commitment to sustainability has been stepped up a notch for 2019, with the introduction of vegan wines.

All Hunter’s Wines produced in 2019 have been produced completely without animal products and our Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Noir are now vegan certified, aiding efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards a cleaner, greener globe.

Hunter’s Wines Laboratory Technician, Rohan Shah, says all animal-based products have been eliminated from the 2019 vintage wines, a step which will be continued for future vintages.

Not only is this a step towards a cleaner, greener earth, but it is also kinder to our animals, our people and our planet,” he says.

Instead of using animal-based fining products such as casein (milk), isinglass (fish) and gelatine, we are now using plant-based fining products such as pea and potato protein.”

The winemakers are adhering to a stringent process to have the wines certified as vegan by the New Zealand Vegan Society, ensuring there are no animal products in the wines, that they are not testing any products on animals, and that they are GMO free.

The new method has resulted in cleaner and more refined wines, Rohan says.

Our winemakers are loving this new approach and are looking forward to continuing with it in the years to come.”

Producing vegan wines is the latest in a series of eco-friendly initiatives introduced at Hunter’s, many introduced by the specially formed ‘Green Team’.

Cover crops have been planted in the vineyard to encourage sustainability, grape marc has been dried and used as compost in the vineyards, and the winery even has a dedicated system for recycling all packaging and ensuring no waste.

Hunter’s looks forward to sharing the first batch of vegan wines with our customers new and old, and to continuing to work towards a sustainable future together with you.

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