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The People and Skills behind Hunter’s.

…..Dan Rayner

How long have you worked at Hunters and what is your role?

Work is such a strong word for what I do but I have been a presence at Hunters for many years, During the school holidays in 2008 I lost a bet to Edward and did odd jobs as well as working the labelling line. I floated around a harvest one year in 2016 and then the next year the bottling line supervisor role became available which I too over and have been since.

Can you please explain what you do?

I wait around till lunch time, eat my lunch and then wait till home time. In between those major events I hold my tongue at just the right angle and pray to whichever celestial body is nearest in order to get the machines to behave. Checking the bottles have the correct labels, that they look right and while we are bottling that procedures are being followed as they should.

What made you purse a career in the wine industry?

My first choice of career was a dancer in a champagne glass but when I could no longer fit into the glass let alone the outfit I decided to look elsewhere for a job. Coming form Blenheim and returning here after some years abroad Hunter’s was my first choice.

What do you particularly like about the job?

I like knowing the people around me. I have worked a lot of places but not one so closely tied together the way Hunter’s is.

Favourite time of the year?

Hunter’s does everything involved in the wine making process from grape vines to bottling so while one area may slow down another is ramping up and every process has it’s own beauty. I like it when we start bottling for the year as we take on new people to help out and they bring fresh stories to the smoko room and new ideas to the workings.

Favourite Wine?

I am a sucker for the Pinot Noir myself, but my bookie likes the Lake Harvest dessert wine and keeping her happy is a huge step to keeping yours truly happy so it would be a toss up between them.



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