The people and skills behind Hunter’s


How long have you been working at Hunter’s and in what role?

I am the Vineyard Manager and have been working here since September 2019.


Can you please explain briefly what the job of a Vineyard Manager is for people who are not familiar with this role?

My role is to supervise the vineyards from the ground up. I take care of plant and soil health, oversee the growing cycle of the vines and manage staff.


What made you pursue a career in the wine industry?

I stumbled into a part time job on the contracting side of the industry and discovered the love for the industry and the people it attracts, so decided to stick around.


What do you particularly like about your job at Hunter’s?

I really enjoy the people that work here. Outside of the current COVID-19 situation we are a very social bunch that have a touch-rugby team and often get together for a brew on a Friday.


Working at a winery, what is your favourite time of the year and why?

Springtime, when we can plant new plants that are required and all the green arrives back into Marlborough. It is a busy time, but very satisfying.


What’s your favourite Hunter’s wine and why?

The 2019 Offshoot Pinot Noir. It is a beautiful light, well balanced red wine which is easy to drink.

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