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Irish Ambassador visit

We were thrilled to meet with Peter Ryan the Irish Ambassador in New Zealand on his recent visit to Marlborough. A lot of talking and reminiscing about our various trips to Ireland, Belfast and Dublin in particular. Our founder, the late Ernie Hunter, was from Belfast and we are always pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge our Irish connection.





Howick Wine Club

It has been a very up and down summer visitor wise, so we were thrilled to welcome the Howick Wine Club on their recent tour of Marlborough. Helen hosted the group and opened some special wines for them to taste. We have an invitation to go north and host a wine tasting for the Club on their home turf. Looking forward to it.




BioGro Certification

In July 2021, Hunter’s took over a vineyard in the Waihopai Valley that had been organic since 2009 and made the decision to continue running it as organic. To do this we are required to adhere to strict guidelines as stipulated by the governing body and auditors for the organic horticulture sector, BioGro.

Some of the production standards that apply in the vineyards are; using organic substitutes when applying sprays, fertilisers, and soil nutrients, removing potential leaching of harmful products e.g., non-treated trellising posts, and monitoring and maintaining water purity.

We will be audited annually which includes detailed explanation of our management processes, keeping up to date monitoring tests of the soil and vines, plus machinery inspections and site visits.

Hunter’s ethos aligns well with BioGro’s standards and moral standpoint, as we have always and will continue to look for new ways to improve our environmental footprint in the vineyards.

The next step is for the winery to produce organic wines. Look out for future updates on how we progress with this.


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