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What’s been happening around Hunter’s Wines

Giants Basketball – it’s that time of the year again. The Nelson Giants visited the winery after their pre-season games in Blenheim. The guys didn’t look so tall until Jane was standing with them and was completely dwarfed! Good luck for the season, we will be over in Nelson to catch a few games!

 Méthode Marlborough Day

On Friday March 26th, Hunter’s along with 11 other wineries helped launch the inaugural Méthode Marlborough Day. This was a chance to celebrate the sparkling wine harvest, which happens a lot earlier than harvesting regular grapes due to the lower sugar levels required to make sparkling wine.

Hunter’s Winemaker Inus attended and poured our MiruMiru Rosé NV, encouraging guests to choose quality New Zealand sparkling wine when celebrating the good times. The evening was a big hit, with 100 guests touring three stops - Spy Valley, Saint Clair and Wither Hills (all members) while enjoying 12 different bubbles along the way!

Winetopia Wellington – Simon and Zack were in Wellington recently showing the Hunter’s flag and talking to many keen wine aficionados about the vintage and current wines. There was huge interest in the newly released 2020 Pinot Noir – it scored some great reviews.

 Vineyard Cover Crops

Jane’s first introduction to cover crops was on her father’s vineyards in South Australia where it was an annual task to plant an inter row crop of lucerne or peas to build up the Nitrogen content of the soil and to add bulk to the light sandy soils when mown down and rotary hoed in prior to bud burst.

 With the focus on more sustainable vineyard practices this process has been gathering momentum over the years and we have seen many variations of cover crops to increase soil fertility, aid temperature regulation and improve soil structure. And depending on what is sown they can look really pretty as the flowers open.

 This year we have sown a blend of clovers, red fescue, alyssum, borage, yarrow and sheeps burnett, to name a few of the seeds. Now we wait for rain to start the germination process and keep an eye out for the first green tinge to appear. 

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