Happenings at Hunter’s

What’s been happening over Winter around Hunter’s Wines

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, we were unable to attend The Sunday Times Vintage Festival in April. Attending this London event has become a tradition ever since our founder Ernie Hunter won “Best Wine of the Show” in 1986.


But we didn’t want to miss out on engaging with the members of the Sunday Times Wine Club, so an online video conference was set up between the Sunday Times wine editor and Vice President of the Club, Will Lyons, and Hunter’s Jane Hunter and James Macdonald. The members could follow the discussion as Jane and James gave Will an update about vintage 2020 and its challenges, without missing out on sharing a glass of wine online.

Watch the Video here!

Image: uploads/2020_06/Pic_zoom_call_single_JJ_dBAwtck.PNG
Image: uploads/2020_06/Pic_zoom_call_single_Will_Gewnsqb.PNG

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