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2016 MiruMiru™ Reserve

It all began in 1986 when we appointed the late Dr Tony Jordan from the Yarra Valley in Australia as our wine consultant. He had been tasked with the job of finding suitable areas for the production of sparkling wine for Moet et Chandon. On a visit to Hunter’s, Tony suggested to Ernie that Marborough with its dry, temperate days and cool nights, would be ideal for sparkling wine production. So, in 1987 we began our journey with sparkling wine and with visits from the likes of Richard Geoffrey, the Dom Perignon winemaker, we quickly realized that sparkling wines require a different approach and patience.

Our 1987 MiruMiru™ Reserve was launched in 1990 with a very elaborate eye-catching label. The accompanying wine notes were: “Yes, that’s right! For the first time Hunter’s have produced a natural sparkling wine using the classic time-honoured ‘méthode champenoise’.”

The notes continued – “We’ve been secretly working on this wine for three years now and we are giving you the very first opportunity to sample this magnificent wine. Supplies are extremely limited ………..”

 Every aspect of the winemaking process has followed the centuries-old tradition. From the combination of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes through to ageing on yeast lees. The result – a rich, dry wine to grace any occasion or as a perfect gift.

The wine was simply titled Hunter’s Brut but changed to MiruMiru™ Reserve on the back of the success of our MiruMiru™ Non Vintage in various export and domestic markets.

The winemakers still follow the tried-and-true blend of Pinot Noir dominant wine with Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay ageing on yeast lees for at least three years prior to release.

Over the years the wine has won an amazing array of awards and is a very important part of our MiruMiru™ range.

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