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Chardonnay is generally considered to be the king of white wine and it is perhaps the most popular single-variety white wine in the world.

Experts seem to be divided on what a good Chardonnay is because the grape takes on very different characteristics according to where in the world it is grown …and Chardonnay is practically everywhere.

New Zealand, with its cool climate, is blessed with some of the best growing conditions for Chardonnay. The herbaceous, melon and citrus characters that our conditions impart are some of the most cherished in the new world version of the variety.

Chardonnay is a winemaker’s wine and can have additional characters imparted by fermenting and/or aging in oak barrels, as determined by individual winemaking styles. Without oak Chardonnay generally produces a softer wine often with fruity flavours. When aged with oak, Chardonnay can acquire a smokey, vanilla, caramel and butter flavours.

1986 – Hunter’s won a Gold Medal and Trophy for 1985 Chardonnay at the New Zealand Easter Show. In the same year, the 1985 Chardonnay won the Export Trophy at the Air New Zealand Wine Show.

Over the years our Chardonnays have amassed an impressive array of medals and awards in the United Kingdom, the United States, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia to name but a few countries.

1992 – Hunter’s won Gold with 1991Chardonnay at the Hobart Royal Agricultural Show and Gold at the Air New Zealand Wine Show.

1996 – Hunter’s won Gold with 1994 Chardonnay at the Sydney International Wine Show and Gold at Intervin, New York.

2002 – Hunter’s win Blue-Gold with 2001 Chardonnay at the Sydney International Wine Show

2005 - Hunter’s win Gold with 2002 Chardonnay at the Air New Zealand Wine Show and Gold at the Royal Perth Wine Show.

2006 - Hunter’s win Gold with 2004 Chardonnay at Sydney International Wine Show and Golds at Air New Zealand Wine Show and Liquorland Top 100.

2009 – Hunter’s win Gold with 2008 Chardonnay at New Zealand International Wine Show.

2013 – Hunter’s win Gold with 2011 Chardonnay at Marlborough Wine Show.

2014 – Hunter’s win Gold with 2012 Chardonnay New Zealand Easter Show.

2017 – Hunter’s win Gold with 2016 Chardonnay New Zealand Easter Show.

Food Match: Pasta alla Genovese – Chardonnay is an adventurous choice to accompany this creamy light vegetable-based pasta sauce. Creamy New Zealand Scallops – Chardonnay is an excellent choice with seafood and in this case the delicate flavour of the scallops will not be swamped by the wine but enhanced by it.    



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